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Frontend engineer

European Investment Bank


Hey there, my name is Ilyass Ben Hakim, and I am a details oriented frontend engineer, who loves what he does.

After completing my master's degree in Software Engineering, I’ve been collaborating with world wide leading companies in their industries for more than 3 years, such as ACV Auctions and the European Investment Bank.

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Clients and projects


As a current frontend software engineer at EIB Luxembourg, I create high-performance web interfaces, shaping the bank's digital landscape for a seamless user experience in finance.
As a former software engineer at Gonuggets, I led the frontend side in deciding on the tech stack, built scalable software making business operations as handy as possible.
While at ACV Auctions, I played a role in integrating Monk AI, infusing our tech with creativity. As a frontend expert, I crafted engaging digital experiences, leaving a lasting creative impact.
As a consultant for one of Obytes' GCC clients, I specialized in creating design systems while maintaining a fully tested and typed codebase, promoting a high-performance digital environment.

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